Boynton Brothers Sod 1

At Boynton Brothers Sod Farms, we use a blend of 100% elite Bluegrasses to produce sod that is able to excel in the transition zone climate of Southern Ontario. This sod is excellent for use in full sun or slightly shaded areas. It provides a dark green colour with uniform texture and excellent disease sod field with skidresistance. Our sod is irrigated, weed-free, disease resistant and especially chosen for Ontario’s hot summers, cold winters and everything in between. Sod can be delivered or picked up.

Our rolls are 24″(2 feet) wide by 54″(4-1/2 feet) long which covers an area of 9 square feet.



We offer next day sod delivery, minimum of 80 rolls.

Pick Ups

Pick ups are quick, easy, and economical. There is no minimum required.  Just call ahead to ensure availability.



Environmental Benefits of Turf Grass     Nursery Sod Growers Association