Garden Soil

Boynton Brothers Garden Soil

Boynton Brothers Sod Farms sells two different types of ground cover in one cubic yard bags. These bags are ideal for unloading into difficult to reach areas. Bulk bags also minimize waste and mess, reduce loss to large bag of topsoilrainfall and wind blow and are easy to store. One bulk bag will cover an area of approximately 650 ft.² at a depth of 1/2 inch. Our products are:

  • Garden soil
  • Garden top dressing soil

Garden Soil

A nutrient rich soil blended to perfection with black loam, peat loam, well-composted manure and a touch of mineral soil. It’s great for use in your flower bed, vegetable gardens, and top dressing existing lawn.

Seed Garden Soil Premix

We end overseeding guesswork by premixing premium grass seed with our garden soil. All you need to do is spread the premix over a desired area, rake level and water it. Works great for overseeding existing lawns, seeding bare spots or seeding new lawns.

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